Taco Trailer 101

Reasons to choose us for your next Concession Trailer or Catering Trailer or Taco Trailer or Mobile Kitchen


We had so many calls for a Taco Trailer here in California that we specifically designed the least expensive Taco Trailer for the market. This Taco Trailer Is basic in equipment to include only what Taco Trailer owners need. Of course we can manufacture a custom Taco Trailer for you upon request.

All of our Taco Trailers meet California Code and can meet your codes too. With a little imagination this Taco Trailer can produce much more than tacos. Taco Trailer type unit is a good start for the beginner. In areas where tacos are popular, the Taco Trailer choice can be very profitable. Community events often want a mexican food vendor. Taco Trailer owners are an easy selection for the event organizer.



We ensure that every Concession Trailer, Catering Trailer, or Taco Trailer we sell is Federally compliant from day one. We also meet your local Health Codes for Concession Trailer, andor Catering Trailer, andor Catering Truck upon request.

We are the Leading manufacturer for a Mobile Kitchen and High quality concession trailer. If you are looking for hot truck, or commercial catering trailer, and concession trailer you have come to the right place.
Mobile kitchen or Catering Truck are best to Franchise your restaurant.

Taco Trailer Manufacturer

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We are the real deal, NOT a "Back Yard Builder"

We are a State of California Certified Manufacturer